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Understanding Alcohol: Investigations into Biology and Behavior

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Learn about the science underlying the effects of alcohol on human biology and behavior.

Learning Focus
1. Alcohol—Separating Fact from FictionEngage in the study of alcohol, its use and abuse, and alcoholism.
2. A Drink Is a Drink, but People Are DifferentExplore alcohol content of various beverages and how alcohol distributes in the body in order to build conceptual understanding.
3. Responding to Alcohol: What’s ImportantAnalyze simulations of the effects of alcohol on mouse activity levels.
4. Alcohol Use, Abuse, and AlcoholismInvestigate human alcohol use in order to apply concepts in a new context.
5. Alcohol and Driving: When to Say NoUnderstand how alcohol affects human behavior and consider how it could affect each student personally.
6. Using Alcohol: Setting Limits?Demonstrate understanding that the effects of alcohol are dose dependent, and public policies targeted at alcohol must balance many factors.
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NIAAA Website
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

“The visuals and Web-based materials are great.” --Field-test Teacher

“It (the module) could be easily done by my Special-Ed students, as well as keeping the interest of the gifted students.” --Field-test Teacher

“I thought that the lessons were very informative, and it is all information that everyone needs to know about.” --Field-test Student

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